We are creative problem-solvers who help change leaders accelerate positive impact.

We provide operational expertise and support to help change leaders optimize their resources to achieve greater impact—and free them to devote their talents to driving change.


We are here to serve the needs of change leaders who share our purpose of creating a positive impact in our communities, our country, and our world.


We work with creative leaders who take innovative approaches to drive change. And we use our creativity to find the ways to help them achieve their goals.


We work together with leaders to find the best solutions and maximize their potential for greater impact. And we bring change leaders together to learn from each other, to spark creative thinking, and to create more impact.

Organizational Commitment

We host projects that tackle the structural causes of inequality
and environmental degradation, and we commit our own capital
to provide tools and other support to accelerate their work.

The New Venture Fund has made an organizational commitment to
racial and gender equity. We pursue this commitment by:

  • Hosting projects that tackle the structural causes of inequity
  • Fostering a robust culture of safety, respect, fairness, and accountability
  • Committing our resources and voices to support the charitable sector in addressing inequity both inside and outside the sector