Helping the Organizations that Help Us All

The New Venture Fund was proud to see a number of our fiscally sponsored projects listed among the recipients of MacKenzie Scott’s latest philanthropic contributions.

In the essay that accompanied her list of donations, Ms. Scott notes that “equity can only be realized when all people involved have an opportunity to help shape it.” She also reminds us that “the leadership of people directly experiencing inequities is essential, both because it is informed by insights no one else can contribute, and because it seeds power and opportunity within the community itself.”

The New Venture Fund fiscally sponsored organizations that received grants from Ms. Scott embody these values.

  • Clean Slate Initiative is a national, bipartisan coalition advancing policies to automatically clear all eligible criminal records across the United States to give people who have served their time a fair shot at a better future.
  • Climate Justice Resilience Fund supports women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples to create and share their own climate resilience solutions, with a focus on driving systems-level change from the local to the global levels.
  • Fines and Fees Justice Center works together with affected communities and justice system stakeholders to eliminate fees in the justice system, ensure that fines are equitably imposed and enforced, and end abusive collection practices.
  • National Collaborative for Health Equity improves health, well-being, and life opportunities for communities of color by connecting people most impacted by social and racial injustices to transform systems and institutions built on the enduring legacy of racism.
  • Communities for Just Schools Fund links philanthropy with the power of grassroots organizing to ensure that conversations and actions towards school safety center holistic safety and are grounded in organizer demands and expertise.

As these projects’ fiscal sponsor, New Venture Fund provides operational and administrative support, including legal and compliance, HR, accounting and payroll support, and grantmaking support, to help advocates and philanthropists quickly and efficiently launch new solutions to today’s toughest challenges. We helped projects process Ms. Scott’s donations efficiently and in compliance with all reporting and disclosure requirements while allowing their leaders to remain focused on driving change. As always, the projects’ leadership teams have independent control over how to use these funds to advance their missions and every dollar is used exclusively for charitable, 501(c)(3) purposes.

At the end of her piece, Ms. Scott notes that each of these organizations “was selected through a rigorous process, and has a strong track record of serving under-supported needs. If you are looking for a way to serve humanity’s common cause, every one of them is a great candidate.”

New Venture Fund is proud to support these organizations and hundreds of others doing important work to address the most pressing issues facing our world today. If you are able, we hope you will consider making a donation to one of these projects to support their ongoing work.

To learn more about MacKenzie Scott’s giving, you can review her website.

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