New Venture Fund’s 2023 Impact Report

New Venture Fund’s annual Impact Report for 2023 showcases NVF projects and its reach as a global leader in fiscal sponsorship. Last year, New Venture Fund made grants totaling more than $500 million that supported over 1,350 domestic and international organizations. Founded in 2006, NVF has established itself as a leader in the efficient deployment of philanthropic capital in the United States and around the world, having helped launch close to 500 charitable initiatives since inception. As a fiscal sponsor, New Venture Fund enables impact by relieving changemakers of administrative and operational burdens so they can focus on their mission. Home to more than 130 individual projects and over 700 employees today, New Venture Fund is taking on big issues like climate change and conservation, early education, civic participation, global health, criminal justice, and creating a more equitable world, among many others.

“Given the complexity of the challenges facing society and the immense scale of need in our world, the philanthropic sector has a responsibility to continually seek to maximize the impact of its efforts. New Venture Fund exists to break down barriers and ease burdens on changemakers so that they can use resources more effectively and accomplish more good as they do,” said New Venture Fund President Lee Bodner. “New Venture Fund’s success in the last year only makes me more excited about the possibilities for the future. We continue to drive toward that mission of creating a better world.”

New Venture Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The 2023 Impact Report breaks down the resources raised and devoted to philanthropic efforts last year, and it offers snapshots of the work being done today by specific NVF projects. The report also demonstrates NVF’s commitment to impact beyond the support services it provides to the projects it hosts as fiscal sponsor. Specifically, it provides an update on New Venture Fund’s commitment to advancing race, equity, diversity, and inclusion, including through an $18 million financial investment to support underserved communities. And it explains the function and important value of fiscal sponsorship in the philanthropic sector.

You can read the full 2023 Impact Report here.

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