Five Projects That Showcase New Venture’s Philanthropic Mission In the Last Year

As a public charity organization under the federal tax code, each year New Venture Fund (NVF) files an IRS Form 990, offering transparency into the organization’s operations, activities, and financial health from the previous year. You can find our most recent filing, for 2022, here. This document provides a line-itemed window into our work, which includes revenue of nearly $800 million and grants totaling more than $500 million distributed to more than 1,300 organizations in 2022.  

But tax documents aren’t where the power of New Venture Fund comes to life, and that’s why we’re pleased to showcase five NVF projects that are making the world a better place. 

New Venture Fund’s true impact lies within these and the hundreds of other projects that have called New Venture Fund home since 2006. NVF’s core mission is to make the world a more just, equitable, and sustainable place through fiscal sponsorship. By leveraging philanthropic capital to its greatest value, NVF’s model is breaking down barriers so changemakers can focus on their mission and achieve maximum impact quickly and effectively.  

By relieving nonprofits of time-consuming—but important—administrative, operational, and legal tasks, NVF provides a stable foundation for project incubation and growth, and for change to flourish. You can read more about NVF’s impact, how fiscal sponsorship works, and project successes in our 2023 Impact Report.  

The Impact Report and the projects highlighted below provide real-life examples of how fiscal sponsorship and New Venture Fund have become powerful forces for good in philanthropy.   

WomenLift Health 

WomenLift Health’s mission is to expand the power and influence of talented women in global health and catalyze systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership. Established in 2019, WomenLift Health helps accelerate women rising into senior leadership by investing in mid-career women working in public health and working with institutional and societal leaders to support more gender equitable environments in which women live and work. In 2023, WomenLift Health has 90 women currently in Leadership Journeys and 140 alumnae from India, East Africa, and North America. Women in the program are reporting increased confidence, leading to increased self-efficacy and intentionality on how they use their leadership for impact. A recent independent evaluation captured increasing leadership competencies, impact, and structural responsibility including, for example, a 70% increase in span of control.  

Alaska Venture Fund 

Alaska Venture Fund is a philanthropic partner and social-change incubator working to build a more sustainable future for Alaska and beyond. It does this by bringing together innovators, expertise, and resources to pursue bold ideas, drive change, and develop lasting ways to prosper. Alaska Venture Fund’s work is based on the belief that Indigenous principles, sustainable strategies and new economies are the keys to a more just and prosperous future. In the last year, the Alaska Venture Fund has seen important victories, including long-sought federal protections for Bristol Bay – and the ecosystems, communities and wildlife the region supports. 

AAPI Civic Engagement Fund 

The AAPI Civic Engagement Fund was established in 2013 with the mission to foster a culture of civic participation within Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Its work includes grantmaking, building movement capacity, and conducting research. These resources help forge a nationwide ecosystem of durable and sustainable organizations that are building power, learning and sharing strategies, and transforming systems. Earlier this year, the project made grants to 50 organizations in 19 states. To date, the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund has made grants totaling more than $30 million to support AAPI-led organizations across America.  

Early Edge California  

Working towards the vision that all children, birth through eight, should have access to high quality early learning experiences, Early Edge California focuses on advancing policy changes and investments that expand high-quality programs to more children and strengthen supports for teachers, providers, and families in helping young learners achieve success. Early Edge recently helped California reach the historic achievement of implementing Universal Preschool in California through Transitional Kindergarten’s expansion to all four-year-olds. Additionally, it helped enact three new state laws, including one that supports Dual Language Learners in state preschool and another streamlining enrollment for families utilizing subsidized childcare and preschool.  

Andes Amazon Fund 

Since 2015, Andes Amazon Fund has worked with local partners to conserve the biodiversity, ecosystems, and environmental integrity of the Andes and Amazon. It supports the creation and expansion of protected areas and the legal recognition of indigenous lands with an integrated approach where nature and local peoples can flourish. Andes Amazon Fund also seeks to ensure effective management systems are in place for the newly designated areas and identify longer-term financing options for their protection. To date, Andes Amazon Fund has conserved 34,308,185 acres in 167 areas including 41 titled indigenous territories.  

The impact these projects make while driving towards a better world is reflection of the New Venture Fund, and even more so, the power of fiscal sponsorship. For more information about New Venture Fund’s work over the last year, we encourage you to check out our 2023 Impact Report. 

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